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This release (the first on the newly-formed DiY label Wonkystuff) is shared with the motorik neuschlaufen. Orlando Ferguson provide a soundtrack to a forgotten horror film with a 15 minute edit of the previously-unreleased Our Heads are Bowed, but our Hearts They Soar, whilst neuschlaufen take a riff and run with it for quarter of an hour. Both tracks were recorded live at The Woolpack Inn, York.

“The neuschlaufen / Orlando Ferguson split cassette, displaying the label’s premier catalogue number contains a track by each act, each with a running time around the 15-minute mark. Neuschlaufen’s ‘Repetitive Strain (edit) is a thumping psychedelic jam centred around a relentless motorik beat and looping bassline. Orlando Ferguson, meanwhile, offer an eerily atmospheric work that drifts ominously. A piece that would comfortably sit on the soundtrack to a sci-fi movie, it conjures images of alien landscapes and of rocks drifting in space.” — Whisperin’ & Hollerin’