Taking the name of the 19th Century author of a particularly fine ‘flat earth’ map, Orlando Ferguson construct longform pieces from a variety of instrumentation.

According to a recent review:

FOR FANS OF BBC RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP STYLE SPACE NOISE! … They basically sound like something between the ever-looping whitenoise roar of post-apocalyptic radio static and the long-lost instrumental beds of some creeped-out 60s British black and white sci-fi series soundtrack. Like the Tardis taking off – IN YOUR BRAIN. Every track is like an hour long or whatever.Truthfully, it’s ridiculous how great their stuff is.

Orlando Ferguson are multi-instrumentalists from York & Leeds who produce extended/drone pieces. We’ve got some releases available (via bandcamp), a facebook page and we’re also on twitter

There’ll no doubt be more releases soon, but in the meantime we’re available for gigs – Get in touch!

File Under: Faux evangelism; chants; noise; drone.